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One of my favorite pics. If you look close you can see my son on the left when he was so little

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2363 days ago

One of my favorite pics. If you look close you can see my son on the left when he was so little


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Hybrid_Nardino 2210 days ago

awww. cute

Anarman 2223 days ago

Dr Dre..Jimmy Ivione..Bono..not sure about the the last one!?

jessicalduke 2255 days ago

Aww. They grow up so fast.

adrian1metal2 2260 days ago

you think in going to Argentina to presents Gold Cobra? ;)

kattyusky 2266 days ago

Bono...!!! ♥

wressyluvsu 2359 days ago

wow this looks like you right now,if wasnt for little double D i couldnt tell lol.

dmitrychernous 2362 days ago

alice in chains - jar of flies tee! awesome!

Llimerance 2362 days ago

Awesome pic to hang on the wall! Love u & Bono & Baby D :)

SteveElMonk 2362 days ago

I recognize Dre and Bono. Who are the other two? Oh, and Fred - props for the Alice in Chains shirt. They're another one of my all-time favorites. What do you think about the reunion and such?

SabriEscobarr 2363 days ago

Your son is so cute!! I love you Fred.

tomdonovan30 2363 days ago

Bono; "Sorry lads, I was looking for the beer."

ddritzenhein 2363 days ago

This one of my favorite photos of you

leahlimps 2363 days ago

celebrities shaleberities.....ppl are ppl so y should it be?!! be you, be me,we are all the same Jigga's!!

Dee4leeds 2363 days ago

Come on Fred, you have to explain the story behind this!

Szajdi 2363 days ago

whoa! :] cool! but remember that the most important moments are those that we don't know yet :)

enrgydrnkdanny 2363 days ago

madd random group of celebrities hahaha sick pic thooo

Dzanar 2363 days ago


Subzero_One 2363 days ago

Nice Pic!

sra_kivilaakso 2363 days ago

wow!!! great pic!!!

girlbruins 2363 days ago

Love this pic!! Good mix of amazing artists! :) Does ur son have a tattoo on his forearm?!?! LOL