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1873 days ago


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lord_of_anarchy 1868 days ago

epic fail on a nerd tacular scale

Aqwnaruto7890 1870 days ago

ahahah fail

NyarlathotepAQW 1873 days ago

It's not a mistake. "True North" is different from the magnetic north which compasses usually point to. Google it for more info. o.o;

Slayer_AE 1873 days ago

wow epic rug phail xD

Ropun_TSD 1873 days ago

Oh, wow. lol

NyarlathotepAQW 1873 days ago

Oh, I get it... :|

AQW4EVER 1873 days ago

fail commpass XD

kinzvlle 1873 days ago

ut tomixs fault

Irradicable 1873 days ago

True north as in it's pointing south saying its north? Or true north as in regular compass north? (Both are necessarily north. Srsly.)

megapercyfan 1873 days ago

oh wait now i see it

megapercyfan 1873 days ago

no mistake.. hes just saying he pointed it true north

TheTrueAssassin 1873 days ago

What's the mistake?

Dracorath 1873 days ago


Sam_Wicks 1873 days ago

Wow either they copied a faulty compass or they messed up REALLY bad O.oo.oo.O

Robot_Tweets 1873 days ago

I wonder who could have messed this up?

Javiersito2 1873 days ago

No comment

RazEvangalion 1873 days ago

compass rug fail? O-o
you'd think they couldn't possibly mess up those things

pmk138_AQW 1873 days ago