Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

The snow I was referring to today. This twitpic work?

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2715 days ago

The snow I was referring to today. This twitpic work?


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Hunz0 2604 days ago

Mr. "ALLSTRONG"=inspiration. Vud mny of ur pics here. thnks for shring. I'm 62 not ridden for a few yrs. Will prep my bike this week. My dad (now 85 rides stationary only now) & I would ride in winter 10°F we liked riding so much. Read your books. I'll be

wilko72 2714 days ago

What a contrast to the conditions you will encounter in Adelaide...35-40c everyday....

titeyogarunner 2714 days ago

looks more Body Miller in training!

kyle999 2714 days ago

..come back and win like old times. I will be a spectator in Italy and i hope in France too! A solo victory on the first mountain stage !
You are a true legend
Thank you Lance,
Kyle uk

kyle999 2714 days ago

The best news that ive ever heard...? Lance Armstrong is coming out of retirement to return to the pro peloton
You truly are an inspiration Lance, not only for cancer sufferers and survivors, but for athletes who strive for greatness.
I know you will co

barbaraitaly 2714 days ago

Snow! Even today. Thank you for everything Lance

rosiedrums 2715 days ago

Yeah Mate-not as hot as it's gonna be @ TDU.Don't drink the water in Adelaide,it'll make you sick! See Ya There!!
Kick Ass

robenslin 2715 days ago

Sweet! You guys look happy enough there.

deeannas 2715 days ago

So glad I live in sunny San Diego!! I would be lost in the snow!

_hijinx 2715 days ago

We had snow last week, but oddly no bike riders. Huh ;)

guruguy 2715 days ago

so cool!!! thanx lance!

gihanhema 2715 days ago

Hi Great Pic!! Train hard !! remember pain is temporary!! this weekend i am also climbing biggest climb in my cycling carrier!! goal stay on the bike :)

chiefmd12 2715 days ago

Very Nice, and yes it works...time to pull out the arm warmers

4score 2715 days ago

Hey worked! Say hi to the team for us. Can't wait to see you at the ToC!

jaredp01 2715 days ago

Go Lance!! PLEASE RIDE THE TDF!! You're a huge inspiration to me every time I go for a run or a ride!!
Saw you at the Boston marathon in April. Felt tingles to be so close to my hero!!

christineowens 2715 days ago

Thanks for letting us share a small part of your life!

mitchm 2715 days ago

Great getting your tweets back here in the states. Keep us posted

soniccyclist 2715 days ago

I'm giving Thanks that you're back!! So much fun follow you! :)

EnriquetaT 2715 days ago

I missed the twit, where are you?

anderson_scott 2715 days ago

Love that you're doing this (both the TwitPics as well as Tweeting). Really enjoy 'keeping up' and feeling like I'm right there with you. Very cool!