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This is where the swim will take place tomorrow morning... not a bad looking spot!

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2162 days ago

This is where the swim will take place tomorrow morning... not a bad looking spot!


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EmilyLemmonhead 2159 days ago

= O wow the wa wa wa wat-tt-tt-er is amazing looking... *dies*

Morinoajin 2160 days ago


pd2care 2161 days ago

I love Coronado. Been too long since I've been there. Good luck with the swim.

michazyee 2161 days ago

good luck phi! :D I will immediateley drown, lol.

nurbolatms777 2161 days ago


bethmarriott 2161 days ago

thats amazing!

Maggots_Sus 2162 days ago

ooooo nice :)

puprocker5 2162 days ago

it will be sunny this A.M., hope you are all having fun swimming!

s_l_i_p_ 2162 days ago

оооо это рай...!

BenningtonIsGod 2162 days ago

awesome view, good luck, enjoy the swim :)

TheLPFreak 2162 days ago

wow nice can i swim for ya...xd i'm fast

Fatima_LP_Mike 2162 days ago

wow...that's great! GOOD LUCK PHOENIX! ;)

leila_LP 2162 days ago

Ooooo...so beautiful!!!

hybricide 2162 days ago


LINKINPARK1990 2162 days ago

nice and good luck

Sharkygirl 2162 days ago

Avalon is beautiful this time of year. Are they having you bike through town?

MErCEnArY18 2162 days ago

sumhow this looks so familiar....i doubt ive been there tho...so beautiful...id love to go where ever that place is..lol

Vdalem 2162 days ago

This is so awesome! Wish I was there to cheer you on. Thanks for the photo.

JehLP4ever 2162 days ago

that beautiful place!

ErbseLP 2162 days ago

Whaaa... °___° here in germany it's so cold and wet. -.- :/