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Lil Death, Pet O' The Month!

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2482 days ago

Lil Death, Pet O' The Month!


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moodymuffinz 2482 days ago

Just epic, that pet is just epic....

AQWUser 2482 days ago

was stats even released? im a nonmem so i cant go into the PTR server and see.

slushmasteri 2482 days ago


Walker_of_Death 2482 days ago

Meh. Would have prefered a Chibi Oishii. Maybe for teh Thanksgiv-taking release? Ooh! And add a stack of flapjacks as a pet too!

Vantooth 2482 days ago

He nice but...we are in month of dragon.
I love it and i will have it equip so much time! ^^

kinzvlle 2482 days ago

he will take your soul

Hockeyman790 2482 days ago

LOL that is the coolest, morbid thing ever! Love that he has own scythe

Vantooth 2482 days ago

NOOOOO we are in moth of dragon we should have a dragon.........
but it cool so i am happy

NehemiahTheVamp 2482 days ago

i am like the only one who asked for this for the forum XD
(and i thank ae for making it)

CharonTheShadow 2482 days ago

Can't wait to get my hands on that...but isn't he a little late, seeing as October was last month?

NalokAE 2482 days ago


AQWUser 2482 days ago

lol, thats super cool, too bad its members. It even has his very own scythe xD

God8996555 2482 days ago

Cool, is that going to be realesed this today or friday the 13th?

KaoticAE 2482 days ago

Could that Scythe possibly be a non member drop Cys? because I love green, it is my tm colour I am known for...

HiImBeef 2482 days ago

He looks so cute with that little Scythe.

Imabandaid2 2482 days ago

Wow thats awesome!

korlandeo 2482 days ago

super cute

SpiderpigAE 2482 days ago

Wow, that is awesome!

HinaAE 2482 days ago

ya know, this idea just popped in my head...Pet Armors...meh, it'll never work out =/

Dracorath 2482 days ago

I wonder if you will keep doing pet of the months but keep them as urber rare and never to be available ever again. But yes very awesome pet indeed! I hope you keep up the great work.