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my wife took me to see this guy last night... she said dreamily "he is the definition of cool."

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2629 days ago

my wife took me to see this guy last night... she said dreamily "he is the definition of cool."


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dentalisland 2616 days ago

Yes, Lenny is cool . . . but you , by far , are so much cooler !! Sorry , Lenny !!

aquasis 2620 days ago

wifey has great taste - who couldn't help but think Lenny Kravitz is cool ... however I just read your post - "biked 8 miles, ran 4 miles - DEF cool! :)

CarisSevern 2620 days ago

Surely she jests!

GGolem 2622 days ago

I know I might sound unscholarly, but who's this guy?

begt 2625 days ago

Sorry Dr, but your wife is correct.

Subzero_One 2628 days ago

Sounds like a great concert 2 go 2!

ravibrahmbhatt 2628 days ago

Hahaha, Funny. Seems to be a "cool" guy, but I cant figure what women want. But, between me and you, maybe its time to let the beard grow.

wmlaw147 2628 days ago

I think Dr. Guptya is one COOL fellow and your wife is super lucky to be married to you.

beamoore61 2628 days ago

But you rank right up there, Dr. Gupta.

beamoore61 2628 days ago

I have other shirtless pics of him to prove it.

beamoore61 2628 days ago

Not only the "definition of cool!" but my definition of YUMMY!!

1frenchredhead 2628 days ago

Listen 2 UR wife in matters of music, Sanjay! LK's pic is in the dictionary by the term "cool!"

naheedawan 2628 days ago

Your wife has remarkable taste and she is absolutley right about him being cool, but you are too :p

salo89 2628 days ago

Yes he is;0)

div21 2628 days ago

yucky!!!!!be happy as long as ur wife has crushes jus like this one.....
u r way cooler .

CD09 2628 days ago

He is definitely Yummy plus he has an awesome voice. ; ) Thanks, enjoy your day. : )

MimsyYamaguchi 2628 days ago

You have a great wife. Keep her!

LubnaTaj 2628 days ago

Nah - you're way cooler :)

jason_bingham 2628 days ago

Went to see on of his shows here in Orlando on an "early in our relationship" date with my now wife... dude radiates cool.

judiloveslife 2628 days ago

I don't get it - does absolutely nothing for me - must be my age (67) or something else - one of the advantages of getting older!!!