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IMG00036-20091105-0735.jpg View from my gym in NYC Autumn colors Central Park

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2585 days ago

IMG00036-20091105-0735.jpg View from my gym in NYC Autumn colors Central Park


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09mitali 2585 days ago

soul stirring view..its so beautiful to see nature shed its bridal glory to reinvent itself anew n green every time every year, year on year...such a large message.

journalisa 2585 days ago

This is a lofty view... no wonder you can feel timeless when in the midst of so much chaos which can at times bring others to a grinding bumper to bumper stand still... on a real DC kick and have tons of you waiting for me at the library. Thank you!

2Serenity 2585 days ago

My knees are week from your view!! Ahh!

123s 2585 days ago

Just amazing

CarlaZuDohna 2585 days ago

Imagine the gym would be down in the park!.... What a blessing that we can decide to see the beauty whereever we are!

FLUXXX1 2585 days ago

Nice Horizon thxs : ]]

jayfarquhar 2585 days ago

A beautiful view of peace in the heart of city life.. thank you for sharing Deepak

Smellybat 2585 days ago

It's Breath-taking.. Have a great day at the gym! I too just ended a yoga workout!

BlissfullyAwake 2585 days ago

I love NY. Btw, I'm deeply grateful for all your inspiring tweets. They've helped ans a lot of q. You're a true master of 'less is more' on Twitter and it's a rare skill. Take care, Lars

BlissfullyAwake 2585 days ago

Nice! You must feel like you're on top of the world up there!! Thank god, there's natural beauty even in a concrete jungle like NY :) But thankfully there's also a lot of man-made beauty in that city, some of those buildings are truly awe-inspiring - I l

Coaching4URSoul 2585 days ago

Good morning Deepak! I am loving your new book, especially the soul section.

RainsLove 2585 days ago

I love the colors & dance of Autumn leaves. I'd like 2 breath in the beauty & hold my delight always.

EsqInTheMaking 2585 days ago

WOW... beautiful!

Miadreamer 2585 days ago

Just amazing!

payayita 2585 days ago

:O beautiful!!