Chris Packham


Naturalist and BBC broadcaster

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1907 days ago

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LynneeSharpe 1906 days ago

That is "Smouldering" had to get that in as its your word for tonights show mmm little things keep your laydeez happy!

KittiwakeNature 1907 days ago

Gulliver, dropped his Quil pen again, on his Travels.

Brain_error 1907 days ago

it's from a giant goose and it's going to kill us all with massive poos while flying overhead!!!!!!!! although chris might be happy with giant geese poos...

mothconvert 1907 days ago

The scale is really wierd - at first glance a GIANT feather caught in the top branches of a tree!!

00spiltmilk00 1907 days ago

Thx, that would be good enough. If you, or anyone, can recommend a good model of microscope for primary schl age, then shout up? Offspring wants 'science presents' from Santa this year. Woo-hoo!

TonyHedges 1907 days ago

Probably, you might see the hooks and eyes and possibly see it before and after it is zipped up

00spiltmilk00 1907 days ago

Would it be worth putting a feather under a child's microscope? How good would the detail be? That just got me thinking is all...