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#MW2 Prestige Symbols (1-10). Confirms 10 Prestiges. #WPC (via @lukavelicMW2)

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2459 days ago

#MW2 Prestige Symbols (1-10). Confirms 10 Prestiges. #WPC (via )


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_ThatGuyCorey 2434 days ago

the 1st one is weak. 2, 4, and 5-10 are the best ones. the 10th one is the best one though. but they might look different on the tv

silver_toes 2445 days ago

what book is this from?? because its nt from the artwork book

kagurax8o8 2459 days ago

8th is the best just like mw1

XEvilRobX 2459 days ago

I like the 10th one the most. :P #MW2

Uhh_VoiD 2459 days ago

the 10th one sucks, yes I see the dots on the 3rd one, the 1st 4th 5th 6th 8th and 9th ones are cool.

DoubleG_86 2459 days ago

Definately the best set of 10 we've seen. 10 is BAD ASS! #mw2 #wpc

JohnnyNeat 2459 days ago

Ten is finally one worth having.

woundedsanity 2459 days ago

any one else notice those dots on 3rd prestige?

MIKE787 2459 days ago

They All Look Awsome!!! Can't Wait To Prestige Through All Of Them. But I'll Make Sure To Get As Much Score Out All Of Then Before Prestiging.

w1ndyy 2459 days ago

10 is sexy!

XxPandaCowxX 2459 days ago

8,9 look best