Ken Anderson


Professional Wrestler. Actor. Entertainer. (In)Famous A**hole. Catch IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday at 9/8c on SpikeTV.

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Notice anything different...?

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1778 days ago

Notice anything different...?


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thesnewka 1583 days ago

yeah you in red xd

Rob_Ant 1740 days ago

you have an element shirt on?

aaaaaa12 1774 days ago

Break out old stereo type ,I find brown hair helps ,blond to cut the cloth WWE,

Ta2edGirl25 1775 days ago

nice hair handsome

lbfchainsaw 1775 days ago

so as I understand, THIS is your real hair I right?

WrightWayPhoto 1775 days ago

look bro your to freakin old to be using "JUST FOR MEN"

Thegamerdug 1775 days ago

An undeserved sense of accomplishment... no that was already there

ToontownJuggalo 1776 days ago

Hair colour maybe? I don't know. Doesn't matter what colour your hair is when you're beating the crap outta your opponent. Speaking of kicking ass, are you ever going to head to TNA?

NewtonLelis 1777 days ago

the red t-shirt???

filipXsovrlic 1777 days ago

Naaaahhhh! I prefer the old Ken.

iheartmelina 1777 days ago

WHY??? Your Beautiful Blonde Hair! WHAT HAPPENED! *Cries*

lettzy23 1777 days ago

Dude love your new look and btw my best friend Richard Kennedy thinks you are the greatest. Just tellin ya!

JessiB12 1777 days ago

Love the new look!

10ftGeorgie 1777 days ago

I love your hair this colour im just saying no matter of fact i love ur hair either colour

abe1201 1778 days ago

Looks good. This color really works for you?

leel89 1778 days ago

wow.... i loved the blonde better... but if you like it, then i guess i can, LOL

FiorellaFlower 1778 days ago

You are not blonde =P

IceSarah 1778 days ago

You went brunette just so that when you come to Australia in summer you'll stand out against our blondes :)

LukeyBoiiii 1778 days ago

HAHA - You look ginge, right there with ya!

JustinBryson 1778 days ago

Did you add some new magnets to the mini fridge back there?