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i'm in malmo sweden. in my swedish elevator i discovered one of the worst ways to die.

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2430 days ago

i'm in malmo sweden. in my swedish elevator i discovered one of the worst ways to die.


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mblodau 2430 days ago

Hehe. I'm living in Sweden and i can tell you that those signs are in 80% of all the elevators in Sweden. Most elevators here have no closed cabins, you actually see the outer wall passing by when you stand in em.

sgazzetti 2430 days ago

If you're a Flickr user, Ze, please consider submitting this to the always wonderful group Stick Figures in Peril: http://www.flickr.com/groups/stickfiguresinperil/

seafoamscribble 2430 days ago

my roommate and i literally cannot stop laughing. this is awesome.

TravelingOTO 2430 days ago

I wonder if this sticker was put there because this has already happened to someone. They should at least put "in memory of" at the top. Unless this hasn't happened yet, in that case there are probably more horrible ways to die in that elevator. They be

snabby 2430 days ago

Translation: "If weightless nausea should occur, vomit into provided cannon"

sweet_pineapple 2430 days ago

Now if I'm ever in Sweden I will know to use caution if I bring a large wheeled trash can onto the elevator with me.

elmnt 2430 days ago

Another example of the necessity of good design. There's not enough room on that poster to say:

"Make sure, if you happen to have a large, rolling trash can with you, that you don't get the outer edge of the trash can caught on the lip of the floor, as

rossomakha 2430 days ago

so vivid :))

paulrtaylor 2430 days ago

Talk about getting TRASHED!

illumin8 2430 days ago

The Transportera gods are evil smiters.

Jonathanwesley 2430 days ago

I love this.
I've been collecting graphic stick-figure warning signs for a couple years now - I hope I get to see this one in person someday.

tavallai 2430 days ago

Holy k├Âttbullar!

CourtCat 2430 days ago

Elevators are fun, if you like buttons. =D

sdsb110 2430 days ago

Worst Ride at Disneyworld Ever.