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The Script Dressingroom 2day :-) G

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2453 days ago

The Script Dressingroom 2day :-) G


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xxTash23xx 2436 days ago

Danny deciding what to wear. I saw the video of this on Kyte

lornadonlon 2452 days ago

nearly certain the blue and orange runners are mark's!! think he wore them at the concert in the tf lol love that ye are keepin the irish spirit alive showing the roots lolxxx

Shiv_lfc 2452 days ago

haha dats how The Dubs roll, love it!! xxx

opayz91 2452 days ago

persis di blkang rmh

vayamuthia 2452 days ago

buset!! ni njemur bajunya pake kawat? kaya di kampung2 aja... ck ck ck

XXemerflanXX 2452 days ago

its nice but its no dublin haha
weres the rain? haha

minamitaipei 2452 days ago

great!! lots of sunshine and freshair! but you may need a tent for rainy day?!

carimbeu 2452 days ago

I like the bus and the flag!!

SashaMur 2452 days ago

IMAO, guys, are u on a tight budget?:)

jjerika 2452 days ago

once again: super classy. guess ya gotta make do tho haha

IrishBopeep 2452 days ago

wow its rather festive! Almost like you guys jumped back 2 yrs except with a much bigger bus!

SolPepito 2452 days ago

Wahaha! Nice dressing room!

ashleynagle 2453 days ago

or maybe took all the dressing rooms for himself!

ScarletteMartin 2453 days ago

Why that's rather fancy! :p

ashleynagle 2453 days ago

LOL! I told you that place looks scary! It looks like you're next to a prison

ItsEdwina 2453 days ago

Glad to see the Irish Flag ... Fair play boy's xxx

irishdaisy61 2453 days ago

So glag you have the flag to remined you of home.

joseramonmarmtz 2453 days ago

you're living the rock star life! aren't you? :)

_YuAreNotKateD_ 2453 days ago

snaps for the irish flag lads...:L

parrogordo 2453 days ago

Yikes! the UK fans will think we took you prisoners! wait we should