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Uploading a bunch of #MW2 avatar gear to XBL tomorrow, including this full GHOST outfit!

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2428 days ago

Uploading a bunch of #MW2 avatar gear to XBL tomorrow, including this full GHOST outfit!


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justjared23 1883 days ago Jeremy Jack Bieber | Justin Bieber Dad | Justin Bieber Father

_macroomkid 2424 days ago

do u have psn

_macroomkid 2424 days ago

to u have psn...??

younggunner09 2425 days ago

Hello people... I told (my psn friend) that my psn friend (DeVa-10) is playing Mw2. He should have gave me credit. Anyway.... Xbox 360 sucks... lol

lostsk8r92 2425 days ago

ur never going 2 gess wat i just saw! this guy named DeVa-10 is playing modern warfare 2 on psn! i asked him how he got it & he said black market, wat ever that means.

DEM0NSBANE 2426 days ago

i thought id nvr get a outfit for my avatar but this 1 is tempting

Jenksmert 2426 days ago

I have the themes and gamer pics and there awsome. I also have a Mw2 t shirt for my avatar :)

Gamer4Life14 2427 days ago

Hmm I hope an avatar award for this game is an ak or acr so my avatar cab rule xbox live hahahaha

7Nati0N 2427 days ago

Yeah, I know about Home. I was just saying that this "outfit" is for Xbox avatars, and would have to be completely re-done for PS3, seeing as the Home avatars aren't all ridiculously cartoon-ish.

Sergio91pt 2427 days ago

How much is this awesome avartar gonna cost?

iNocturnus 2427 days ago

I'll be rather happy if you upload something containing an Avon S10.

noneedhomes 2427 days ago

agreeing with unolyares, everyone will have it. my friends list will look like a clone section. they should alter the camo and give you the option of wearing or holding weapons of choice like in game when you're in 3rd person mode. that would make it m

will02724 2427 days ago

To walk around in with your avatar, to meet other players, strategize, play mini games, win avatar rewards. So much potential, but will we see it from a company so XBox biased?

will02724 2427 days ago

its called Playstation Home. Where your avatar is moveable in a virtual world. I doubt this will hit HOME, which sucks because it adds value to a game when developers create home spaces for their games that recreate part of it to walk around in w

WillRuth 2427 days ago

and he also said that they are uploading "a bunch", so i hope this isn't the best thing u can get

WillRuth 2427 days ago

because Mr_Stow is too stupid to realize that his gamertag is fourzerotwo, Idiot!! And to answer your question its because its the greatest, and who cares about playstation home??

Mr_Stow 2427 days ago

All Respect To Fourtwozero But why does he support 360 so Much? Does this dude own a PS3?

Unholyares 2427 days ago

Yea this looks kool but y would i get this when every single 1 of my friends r goin 2 have it.....what would b the point i dont want 2 b the same as every1 else

tdude1196 2427 days ago