Ghost Adventures


Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin travel to the scariest places in the world. New episodes every Friday at 9 E/P.

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2376 days ago


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AFILvr77 2310 days ago

your eyes remind me of a deer in headlights! xD

DiolindaSali 2344 days ago

Its like something out of Predator

imaglassonion 2373 days ago

Promise? ;)

chiix9 2373 days ago

Creepy! Love it!

sissytutu1212 2373 days ago

Lol Zak looks like something out of a horror flick

wonkeechewbacca 2374 days ago

I like this because it doesn't have a live word feed at the bottom. Remember GA live 2009 anyone?

CB801 2375 days ago

Bring it on. I will pretend not to watch it. So how long will it take
you to get here?

CB801 2375 days ago

Bring it on. I will pretend not to watch it, if it means you are coming
to get me.

SoyTuPapsmear 2375 days ago

Looks like the kinky type. ;p Wut if I only see half!? ;9

Tanya_Ford 2375 days ago

SO NOT WATCHING! I swear i'm not! ;) ...when ya gonna be here? x

nikolew1 2375 days ago

I'll leave the key n the usual place....(;

chelseameszaros 2375 days ago

haha i jsut might not watch it after all..;]

nikolew1 2375 days ago


hawk_1979 2375 days ago

Oh no!!! Don't send radioactive man to get me!!!

Arysd 2375 days ago

..Is that a promise? x:

jojo880 2375 days ago

i'm so not watching, i want my belated happy halloween treat! hehe ;)

hurricanekat 2375 days ago

That would be ok with me. Lol. But, I'm definitely going to watch.

browneyedkutee 2375 days ago

If I record it & watch it Saturday, does this offer still stand? Yes???

Torifizzle 2375 days ago

Oh nooooo!..... guess I'd better not watch then huh?

KweenKim 2375 days ago

K...I'll make sure I don't watch. C'mon Count Zakula!!