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I'm George Hotz.

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sneak peak...anyone really miss Icy?

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1633 days ago

sneak peak...anyone really miss Icy?


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MarkBaquiran 1632 days ago

icy looks good... but SNOW looks WAY WAY BETTER hehehe

ven000m 1632 days ago

ADD ICY PLEASE, for those users WHO want it, please add it

Ecaslak 1632 days ago

Icy messed up my iPod touch when I used redsn0w a few months back (apt completely stopped working), so no, I'm glad Icy isn't there. Rock is much better than Icy.

AmarBouali 1633 days ago

Yes, snow is better than ice
thanks a lot Neo oops Geo. You are the one.

artcbt 1633 days ago

geohot you are genius, we are all looking up to you! I never used Icy after it initially crashed my iphone, so i don't miss it a single bit, but i do have a question. I an happily running blackra1nRC1 should i rerun the new release or there will be just s

Imprim_Ecran 1633 days ago

Alors là mon pote, t'es génial. Tu viens ches nous quand tu veux. Le 'Café t'attends avec le Pastis au frais. Echap...

palay10 1633 days ago

great job geohot, thank you for everything, youre great !!

Njambris 1633 days ago

Awesome job Geohot! BTW did you read this : . Nice post about your work.

nabinkarki 1633 days ago

icy is too cold, cydia is hotter than snow

gladezero 1633 days ago

ahh yeah I think cydia and rock is enough this looks fine ;)

gladezero 1633 days ago

looks perfect ,Mr.Geo do I need to download and install blackra1n again in order to get the blacksn0w?? thanks Mr.Geo ;)

fareast1988 1633 days ago

dude~ one question, can we uninstall blackrain after installed cydia? bcoz my ipod is only 8 gig n i really need all the precious spaces.. btw, i really2 appreciate 4 ur hardwork buddy! u r the man!!

jawadhadi 1633 days ago

great work geohot! Cydia and Rock are enough! Thanks for great work.

zhi_dong 1633 days ago

really appreciate what you have done, just in time for my holiday too! the iphone can now accompany me overseas... btw.. icy? what was that :P

P1tb0y 1633 days ago

icy sucks !

bhatiavk 1633 days ago

Gr8 Gng .. Cydia and Rock Rocks .. and I am realy leaving the Icon .. Gr8 Work...

heshamShabana 1633 days ago

gr8 work man thanks, cydia & rock is enough, thx again

Neige420 1633 days ago


loco48 1633 days ago

naa...cydia & Rock more than more thing i think every one told you that but i need to say it..... thank you for all the hard work you did for us...