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You saw the whole of the Moon ;-) Moon over Temecula..G

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2293 days ago

You saw the whole of the Moon ;-) Moon over Temecula..G


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cobrastardick 2274 days ago

runaway its the madrigals jokes its a 39 clues thing you will get it when your older joke again your all probs like 20 years older i dont know ?

MyDarlingYoux 2283 days ago

UFOOOOOOOOO =| Okay the moon... Would be cool if it was a UFO though xx

TheScript_x3 2291 days ago

That's sooo lovley! x

x_Dancerina_x 2293 days ago


elahD1 2293 days ago

doesnt look like a moon...but that's cool! love the script!

foxtiger 2293 days ago

amazing pic, thanks for sharing..:)

AngieMcD79 2293 days ago

You're in Temecula? I figured central cali but Temecula makes more sense cause it's closer to LA. You're about 45 minutes from me. I'll be right over LOL

TheShiftyShadow 2293 days ago

But it's too high, too far, too soon.

ashleynagle 2293 days ago

I"m looking at the same Moon and it doesn't look like that...

Teresa_Elyse 2293 days ago

Apparently, they are in your backyard! Quick, go check for Irishmen.

mallowtree 2293 days ago

Wow cool photograph

LoYaL_CgIrL 2293 days ago

nice picture.

NerdeeBirdee 2293 days ago

Beautiful! My parents are close by you guys tonight! ;D

ItsRobW 2293 days ago

Is that not someone just shining a torch from a distance lol