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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2549 days ago


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RainbowRach 2544 days ago

You have a million Krispy Kremes, I have space raiders and coco pops :-(

leni_lava 2549 days ago

NICE ! what were you wearing ??? x

Billy_Harris 2549 days ago

only one trick or treater knocked on my door, now i can see where they all was

jsimmo 2549 days ago

puts my dolly mixture collection to shame

macateb 2549 days ago

Hope you got a good discount for all the times you mention their name ;)

knocknascheagh 2549 days ago

Oh I so promise not to kick any of yr cabbages if u send one to me

neverwear 2549 days ago

the H'ween food police would come after us in America if we were to put out this gorgeousness...

ElsaSkelter 2549 days ago

awww...what a wonderful sight! *___*

mediastarz_ 2549 days ago

now there's something you won't see in Mixenden (Halifax)

ladspain 2549 days ago

your floor could do with a good mopping

shelleydav 2549 days ago

george clooney or this god there is no contest - krispys all the way its like a fantasy!!!

candymaxi 2549 days ago

thing is ,know you have to tell us where you live so we can treat or treat you next year!(yummy yum yum)

gynyka 2549 days ago

I thought yo only give out sweets for treats not donuts.......nice gesture though. Yummy!!

andyoutlaw 2549 days ago

I'll happily take them off your 'ands son...........

Bad_Ju_Ju 2549 days ago

Wowza. Was that every doughnut they had in store?

Hodgemeister 2549 days ago

Is that 24 boxes of 24 Krispy Kremes?

sdali89 2549 days ago

Wow, it's a trick or treaters paradise at your house - where do you live? ;-)

timegeek 2549 days ago

HOLY EFFING SHIT... that's a dream come true right there! how many of those did that Tennant clown eat? ;D LOL!

rodmckie 2549 days ago

That is really heart-warming to see. It's a lovely gesture. Well done, honestly, my kids would move there for that annual treat.

DSelonPlumstead 2549 days ago

its like Krispy Heaven :)