Chris Packham


Naturalist and BBC broadcaster

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2493 days ago

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ClangerDropper 2445 days ago

Awwww pixelated poodles, I love it lol!

simonm73 2489 days ago

maewhite246 2492 days ago

They look adorable ...on mosaic leaves....different....

pinkpebs 2492 days ago

that's a shit photo by the way !!!!

SarahlCookson 2493 days ago

Aww cuties!! (wouldn't want to be in your car on the way home though!)

KittiwakeNature 2493 days ago

Poodle1: Where's he gone now??! honestly, you turn your back for 1 minute!..Poodle2: *sniggers* I spy Someone,with Shoe Poo issue! hehehe:)

DogMadJules 2493 days ago

I have a soggy Pood like that at the mo....Except mine's Brown. Mine goes bonkers when it's wet, do Itchy and Scratchy?

00spiltmilk00 2493 days ago

I imagine they rarely impersonate bookends like that. You must have set a fast shutter speed to catch them still.

wagondogma 2493 days ago

looks like they are playing hide and seek, and that they are looking for something....... you haven't hidden their toy ball have you!!!

KJWINDY 2493 days ago

Wonderful Picture Chris, we have 5 toy poodles, Yours are so beautiful - what are their names?

CarlLegge 2493 days ago

Pitch-coloured pixelated poodles, perhaps?

TralalaP 2493 days ago

A soggy pair of poodles!