Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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Babiigurl_Addie 1436 days ago

u can suck my blood anytime, sweetie!<333333

GA_deviantArt 1459 days ago

Nuuuu!!!! The lycan Ghost Adventures fangirls have lost! D:

TightGACChica 1528 days ago

Sexy ass Vamp! BITE ME!

Shy_May13 1795 days ago

LOL funny... :))

sportiegirl3320 1806 days ago

ha u look better than edward cullen lmao

GOTHICVAMPRIP 1807 days ago


yeehawcountry 1809 days ago

better than edward cullen ;)

jennarenee05 1810 days ago

lol thats interesting..

BigTeen13 1812 days ago

You still look good..Sexy Vampire.Hehe

nitrojill 1815 days ago

O yea...that is the perfect look for you...

rukalove65 1816 days ago

Sweet!!!!! U look so AWESOME as a freakin' vampire!!!!!!!! Wat do u think of my vamipre pic? Check it out!!!

GALOVER1505 1817 days ago

holly shit thats cool 2 thing i love you and vampires perfect match

SPacheco8141982 1819 days ago

Ahhhhhhhh nah just kidding you look scary

SaulConrad 1825 days ago

Wow!!!I Like It!!

kristamanke18 1831 days ago

So this is what you look like just "chillin out"
.... thought so.

AlexxDEgarcon 1833 days ago

or a great dragg queen!^^

MissIndianaJone 1834 days ago

this should be titled "Things to wear at a Type O Negative Concert" ^_^

LoYaL_CgIrL 1835 days ago


annahopefulx3 1837 days ago

i dont where you were, or what you were doing but that looks pretty awesome.

tweeterhannah 1847 days ago

I agree with ittybittytwit. :)