Dave Phoenix Farrell


Don't accept cheap imitations... The real Linkin Park bass' player man.

Diego and random scuba guy... Diego never looked so good!

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2215 days ago

Diego and random scuba guy... Diego never looked so good!


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Nastya_Muser 2116 days ago

So funny)

nagypetra 2166 days ago

XDXDXD woooowww :D:D is so funny pic .... XD

nurbolatms777 2209 days ago


s_l_i_p_ 2209 days ago

ахахах жжжешь)

HTKY11 2209 days ago

Онотоле Вассерман

tatilpalways 2210 days ago


SSjUmi 2215 days ago

*cheers for ur costume choice* And I totally agree on - next time u have to be Boots! :D

mapedregon 2215 days ago

hahahahahahahahah!!!!! pound it!

Maneita 2215 days ago

Hahahahhaahhahahaha Amazing Costume!! XD

Vdalem 2215 days ago

-giggles- David Michael Farrell! Good job! Next time: Go as Boots! lol

SarahTSMyers 2215 days ago

Rofl - that's a classic!

s_l_i_p_ 2215 days ago


AnjaDanDelion 2215 days ago

I mena diego looks like a german tourist ...;)

AnjaDanDelion 2215 days ago

you look like a german tourist xD

Toastynatorin 2215 days ago

I can't stop laughing now :D great idea! XD i think it would be a great outfit for the stage :)

VickyLP_ 2215 days ago

lol funny! :)

TheLPFreak 2215 days ago


Fatima_LP_Mike 2215 days ago


Fatima_LP_Mike 2215 days ago

xD xD WOW! U looks great!!!

leila_LP 2215 days ago

Dave, where is your Halloween costume? xD