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I play the throat and guitar in 311. Our new record, Universal Pulse, is coming soon! Catch us on tour every summer!

Echo says, "Happy Halloween everyone!"

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2521 days ago

Echo says, "Happy Halloween everyone!"


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muthafuthinASH 2245 days ago

Hahaha! Awwww...

Maxismybaby 2266 days ago

This is a wonderful pic. Last Halloween was my son's first and he was an elephant as well. But Echo's costume is pinker! Lol.

K8_311 2266 days ago

I bet she's changed a lot since this picture!! : )

BexHex311 2313 days ago

This picture is so freggin' adorable! I'm so curious to see how she has grown!? Truly precious..

brueasy311 2501 days ago

she is adorable!

llpierce311 2501 days ago

What a cutie! The first of many exciting ventures to share & relive childhood monents. Cudos on the baby making skills!

loves_x_sweet 2514 days ago

WOW Nick!! What a beautiful baby!! And the costume is just TOO adorable!

kellyddean 2518 days ago

Echo is the cutest little elephant I've ever seen! Congratulations on the new addition, she's wonderful!

311islove 2518 days ago

AW NIck she is so beautiful!!!!! I'm so happy for you and your wife! Cant wait for the Dec show in Orlando and 311 Day in VEGAS!!! Much Love to you!!

jenn311 2519 days ago

How sweet!! Aren't little humans just amazing!?!?

jenn311 2519 days ago

How sweet!! Aren't little humans just amazing!?!?

msatter 2520 days ago

So precious....thanks for sharing.

ray311 2520 days ago

Cutest elephant costume! Pretty lil Echo. Congrats on your first family Halloween Nick! See you in Houston, TX next month! And Austin!

dancegirl311 2520 days ago

that is the cutest lil echophant i have ever seen!!!!!

msatter 2520 days ago

So precious....treasure all moments...time will fly by.

msatter 2520 days ago

Thank u for sharing. She is precious. Treasure every moment.

311rebs182 2520 days ago

she is the cutest little thing i've ever seen!

Dani3ll 2520 days ago

she is too... damn... cute!! Thanks for sharing her picture Nick! I was so curious, and she is soooo freaking adorable! She looks like a very nice baby too :) (not a bratty one)

funkslapbass 2520 days ago

awwww, so sweet!

kimberly627530 2520 days ago

What a complete cutie pie :)