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A little blurry, but reasonable representation of view from upstage tonight - final gig of the UK tour. #minchinlive

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2492 days ago

A little blurry, but reasonable representation of view from upstage tonight - final gig of the UK tour. #minchinlive


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minchinno1 2486 days ago

wow, now thats some view. hope you tour the uk again soon, its been brill xx.

ChrisBinks 2488 days ago

WOW! i can't belive it's that big, i've sung there and i didn't realise
i really wish i could of been there ): there's always next time?
and what an immense piano, i'm stuck with a little shitty keybored thaat is hard to play and write music on,.,.,. yo

bekidelaney 2490 days ago

i was supposed to be there =[ damn it!! =[=[=[=[=[=[ xx

Debjanemartin 2490 days ago

You were great

zebmeister 2490 days ago

My first live gig, and i got to see a genius at work. Middle teir at the back for me, but probably the best night of my life, Thankyou

ceramicmug 2490 days ago

Scientists of Brum: pro This. Good work, muchly enjoyed! Also, comfy seating helped :)

_Dee_Marie_ 2491 days ago

I was sat on the left about 5 rows in. Gotta love Ference the bear. Why the big paws! :P
And you know why this wouldn't sail down the canal? Because it's a fucking building.
Awesome gig, LOVED it :)

heidilaanes 2491 days ago

wait a sec, this is on a ship??? like WOW!!! we even don't have so big and gorgeous theater's here in estonia, i'm ... i can't even speak... wow...

Chloe_samantha 2491 days ago

i met you after the show but i was far too excited to even speak so my boyfriend did that for me (tattoos)
just wanted to say, i can actually speak and i love boobs too, maybe as much as you!
there the best, glad i own a pair!
see you soo

electroboosh 2491 days ago

I was sat just behind where the piano is, laughing so hard my makeup ran! Best cruise ever.

Aardvark1970 2491 days ago

Sarah, Shell and I were desperate for someone in the front box seats to lean over the railings, arms outstretched and yell "I'm King of the World!".

ClariSaxy 2491 days ago

I don't know. You start off with boats in Sheffield and now you're playing Cruise Ships in Birmingham. Where next? Submarines in Sydney (you might find one there)

TeeBeeMee 2491 days ago

not bad for a cruise ship?

trianglegirl42 2491 days ago

strangest sense of deja vu- think I've played this venue as well...

sarah_stars 2491 days ago

WOW, you can almost see the seats I never sat in. Thinking of suing THSH!

jodieaitken 2491 days ago

Wow. just wow. Hope you had fun on this tour!

Kerryjim31 2491 days ago

Thats a good shot, strikingly simillar to my shot of backstage at the dome :)

howlieT 2491 days ago

It looked more cruise ship esque from the back row, so glad I decided to come yesterday afternoon (taking it up to 8) Wonderful evening!

Katefairgrieve 2491 days ago

We met Ference afterwards, actually felt a little starstruck! Amazing show, tears of laughter were rolling. Love you xx

RockzMarc 2491 days ago

get an autograph and a photo (hoped lol) MORE BOOBS! (wrong time to heckle or what? but u handled it perfectly) go rest now, austrailian tour starts soon. good luck with it :D Peace & Love \/ &