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Happy Hallowe'en! From Dorothy and Toto!

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2491 days ago

Happy Hallowe'en! From Dorothy and Toto!


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etard_webcam 2358 days ago

good Dorothy outfit :)

Brazen_ 2437 days ago

We're not in Kansas anymore lol

Wraithkelso 2443 days ago

When you gonna be in The Wizard of Oz? I want to see it!

karenford1 2443 days ago

lol too cute,, what will u be for next year?

iamdawt 2484 days ago

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !

MMark67 2486 days ago

I didnt know Dorothy could look that good.....Very nice Miss Staite.

Charmed19832 2487 days ago


Stoney3K 2487 days ago

I think we have a winner for the Tin Man sequel!

GodEicholz 2489 days ago

Jewel do you have a Jenny Graig near you? IF you do go, drop what your doing and go IMMEDIATELY!!

Maarthy 2489 days ago

Oh, if you were a little more cute they'd have to ban you! :-)

notmynamebutdeb 2490 days ago

Awww! Great costume, Jewel!

cjwickham_den 2490 days ago


cjwickham_den 2490 days ago


luverof_ 2490 days ago

omg u make such a cute dorothy, does that make the wizard?

nonnymouse_ 2490 days ago

Oh, so cute!

jtigerlily 2490 days ago

you look so cute! fab shoes! is that a real animal in your basket or a stuffed one?

PVBuk 2490 days ago

Jewel's in the pretties! :-)

PuddleJumper8 2490 days ago


Villanova85 2490 days ago

Going now to pick my tongue up off the floor. Nice! That must be some neighborhood you trick or treat in.

markinzeroland 2490 days ago

Red eye? There's no red eye. That's part of the costume... possessed Dorothy. Terrific job on the costume.