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SR VP of Current Programming @ 20th Century Fox Jeffrey Glaser. Trick or Treat?

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2075 days ago

SR VP of Current Programming @ 20th Century Fox Jeffrey Glaser. Trick or Treat?


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TempeBeckett__ 1990 days ago

Great picture, but are these posters avaible to buy??? Cos tey're soooo amazing !!!!

Becksibee 1994 days ago

I LOVE the Bones Detective Story poster in the background. Are these available to buy?

torilopes 2003 days ago


erinlcicale 2006 days ago

I love the posters. I want the one that is signed.

DellaMaylan 2029 days ago

Young man, theres o need to feel down i said Young man, get yourself of the ground...YMCA! :) Only Kidding, Hello From England!

Janneke983 2030 days ago

Love the posters!! they would look totally awesome in my (Bones) room!! ;)

suziphel 2037 days ago

love the posters and the outfit

whitelily22 2074 days ago


spy_barbie 2075 days ago

I want these posters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LizabethSTucker 2075 days ago

Yeah, sure, great costume. Now let's get to the important stuff -- where can I get that poster with the cover like Detective Story? I really, really, REALLY want it! I'll pay money!!!

Sarinna 2075 days ago

Lol I'd love to have a thing like the big poster of the 2nd season with all their signatures (L)

rebeccarocksyou 2075 days ago

Who do I have to sleep with to get that signed poster? hehe

rebeccarocksyou 2075 days ago

Popeye! My couch needs to be moved. *hands over spinach* Make it happen.

FaBbEr0oZ 2075 days ago

Where's Olive Oil?

forensicmama 2075 days ago

Now all he needs to do is kiss a random nurse in New York City and he's got it made.

Dancesterx3 2075 days ago

Can you take a picture of the photo in the back so we can see what they say? :)

WandaMoosejaw 2075 days ago

Where are the police man, the Indian and the soldier? I love the posters too, the top one is signed! *faints*

Jaredinaa 2075 days ago

Loving the Bones posters in the background :P

fluffybex 2075 days ago

Dig the outfit.. Also love the Bones poster behind you.. lol

AESutton09 2075 days ago

At least he's dressing up, my Halloween consists of an Edgar Allen Poe reading and the Monster Munster Marathon on WGN haha