Ghost Adventures


Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin travel to the scariest places in the world. New episodes every Friday at 9 E/P.

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2460 days ago


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spydhard 2447 days ago

I hope u guys got my suggested site(venice)I hpoe u guys go there cause it is a great place to get things on vid&evp.and i know u guys will catch really good stuff.

BeBeLaDiabla 2452 days ago

even though I'm on CALIFORNIA time...I watched last week...great job guys!

mariahs411 2457 days ago

that looks soo cool! the show was great last night! good job!

spydhard 2459 days ago

man there is alot of activity on the web cams 3&5

Jordonnie4life 2459 days ago

have fun guys

spinoni2 2459 days ago

It is awesome we were there last week for tours both historic and ghost it is one very creepy building a lot of doors moved when we were there for no reason

BashBasrack 2459 days ago

Hello- Looking forward to the show!

Candy8865 2459 days ago

Please tell Zak to save the bad overacting, ruins the show...

spydhard 2459 days ago

28min. and counting

purebloodfanpir 2460 days ago


its_Roux 2460 days ago

roll out that black carpet already !! lets do this thing !!!

spydhard 2460 days ago

this is going to be great i'v been waiting for this. man finally a new show and 7hrs.what more can u ask for.

night_goddess36 2460 days ago

Unbelievable! Amazing building! Wish I could be there with you. As a Wiccan I now know what to do to get the kiddies to come out to play. :-) Be safe. Have fun. Blessed be ... you're in for a looooong nite & a plesant (?) surprise :-)

annie730 2460 days ago

Looks like my old school in Akron,

Bomylab1 2460 days ago

This place has it's place in history doesn't it. Abuse was rampant among the staff, I feel so bad for the victim's!! I don't see how some that were abused can rest in peace. They really should consider demolishing this building, I don't see why they haven

mmgglltt 2460 days ago

am at the office.. .but RUNNING home to watch ALL night - SURPRISE US WITH SOME SCARY S**T !!

Lisha59 2460 days ago

I wish I could be there

LoYaL_CgIrL 2460 days ago

would love to be there investegating with you all. looks fun and scary. be safe and have fun

Tanya_Ford 2460 days ago

It even looks scary in daylight!! ...wait till the lights go out! x

ambybaby2012 2460 days ago

So totally excited for this tonight :] Hope you enjoy your stay in our lovely hospital :]]