Visanthe Shiancoe


GOD before anything. NFL Tight End. DMV!

Here is a close up... "OH HELL NAW!"

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2526 days ago

Here is a close up... "OH HELL NAW!"


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TheRichman87 2525 days ago

lol I agree with Donald. Sign him to a 20 year extension please! He is so bad

IAmDonald 2525 days ago

Haha Funny as hell.. Glad to have him as our coach. Sign him to an extension!!

zbswitchfoot93 2525 days ago

im ashamed to call him our coach

Snowspirit655 2526 days ago

That is so awesome that he actally did it..I was surprised to hear about funny!!!! Awesome!!!! :)

Dinga0 2526 days ago

o.O nice lady humps :D

karleekanz 2526 days ago

Ohhhhh wowwww

nixbora 2526 days ago

That's so wrong in so many levels!

KarreyTweets 2526 days ago

Omg, that is frick'en funny as hell!

petermckeen23 2526 days ago

What can i say.. He looks good in pink!

MinneMike 2526 days ago

Don't want anything from this dude! No coffee, no tea, no nothang

AJ_ThompsonJr 2526 days ago

is that Childress? aww hell naw he went to far with that shit