Scott Baio


Actor and my wife & I have a foundation for special needs children and to raise awareness to expanded newborn screening.


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yourkaren 2240 days ago

The old fashion sticks and stones break bones but names wont hurt.
He was only a child actor and get mocked from what he chooses today

IAmAtheist 2257 days ago

they never stop, because they get a reaction, that's all they want. and they have no job to go to and live in basements.

ConTchr 2285 days ago

this is what i've been doing, 2, Scott. You gotta take screenshots of this stuff. You gotta have proof.

angelfrmcanada 2291 days ago

Why don't these trolls just take their stench somewhere else? They keep trying to follow me. I don't accept trash on my page! Nice try=FAIL

JayLink_ 2291 days ago

some sick puppies out there Scott.... they are useless human beings!

liveforthesun 2291 days ago

What is wrong with people? Are libs so lacking in a work ethic they have this much time on their hands?

Mitchells925 2291 days ago

Just let karma deal with him...

kristalramsey 2291 days ago

That is so horrible! It's such a shame that there are so many sick and miserable people in the world...

ShanaEMalone 2291 days ago

He's going to hell.

haolepinay 2291 days ago

How disgusting! People have nothing better to do than try and bring other people down. "Hey Token12ga...get a LIFE!!!"

aimeenj 2291 days ago

These people have nothing else better to do with their lives. Karma is a bit*c. They will get theirs

LadyofHarley 2291 days ago

Don't EVEN entertain these people or thoughts

AncientSoul 2291 days ago

Scott .. don't listen to the idiots ... treat em like a phoney phone call and just ignore 'em! When they have no fun aggravating you, they go away!
*HUGS* -praying for you and your family.