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2497 days ago


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ladielabelle 2491 days ago

You look great!

cherrybaby2001 2492 days ago

LOL that is a great pic

Heather_DA2014 2495 days ago

Haha! OH WHAT! I spy a Justin Timberlake poster on the wall!!! Ryan, please tell him to tour again! I miss him!!!

Precious_Sun 2495 days ago

Hmmm, I dated a guy that looked exactly like him, except Gary was even better looking, so when I see him, I always think of my 'old' brown eyed beauty. Nice photo. Brought back good memories... ;) :)

rebilt 2496 days ago

You're bending my mind off my music!!

joelovesjilly 2496 days ago


Cherylsplace 2496 days ago

Could he possibly be any hotter? Yummy! You go, Ponch!

coaxel 2496 days ago

No friggin way! :)

ninergrl6 2496 days ago

Adorable! Awesome pic, you're so excited LOL

baking4you 2497 days ago

So great...love it!

patholeme 2497 days ago

lol ! loves it Ryan ! :) xoxo

whoaitsdanielle 2497 days ago

why are you the cutest person ever :]?

excellentgenes5 2497 days ago

Makes a great halloween outfit!!

skynet74 2497 days ago

Great that Estrada suiprised you. Why didn't he arrest the other guy who surprised you at the radio station today. lol

springcooper 2497 days ago

Ryan I just heard about ur stalker showing up at ur work. I'm glad they got em and ur ok. I love u!

The_MacNerd 2497 days ago

Can you say mall cop?

Lbelle55 2497 days ago

Omg! Erik is as hot
as ever looking good man

icemaiden27 2497 days ago

Sorry but you look more like Barney Fife then Ponch! Love ya tho!

boriquajo 2497 days ago

Aawww man!!! This pic is so funny but it does make you look special lol

musicluv_ 2497 days ago

You guys are great that is so cool that Erik Estrada dropped by to say hello...have a super Halloween!