Ghost Adventures


Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin travel to the scariest places in the world. New episodes every Friday at 9 E/P.

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2096 days ago


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SpoiledPrinces2 1774 days ago

I don't care what anybody else says Nick is way cuter than Zak. And Aaron's just funny as hell.

AFILvr77 2026 days ago

i think u have a cuter smile then zac! even if i was partally fake! xD j/k. and ahhahaha aaron u always make me laugh! ((:

HopeMSwashere 2061 days ago

Nicks smile made me smile. Thnx nick for looking cute when i am having a bad day i look at this pic u 2 r the best

singingmom 2061 days ago

Now,if that ain't one hell of a shot,Guys, Love your Show!

tamatheturtle 2085 days ago

ADORABLE~~!! ahh i wanna hug him so bad~~

nikolew1 2092 days ago


kristi_neff 2092 days ago

seems like Nick is always smiling! What a happy man. lol

Luci_L 2092 days ago

Both of you are so cute!!!!!

JaceyLDeVille 2096 days ago

Poor Nick sorry you get stuck in the morgue

MadelynF 2096 days ago

oh wow. hahah

chandelierpop 2096 days ago

i'm saying this all the way from malaysia!!! i love you guys!!! i will definitely be watching tonight...good luck!!

purebloodfanpir 2096 days ago

Good luck u guys...BE SAFE

purebloodfanpir 2096 days ago


Leadfoot61563 2096 days ago

Where is AAron getting locked up tonight by himself.
Goodluck everybody and be safe.

night_goddess36 2096 days ago

million dollar smiles ... or something like that lol

Lisha59 2096 days ago

Looks like you are going to have some fun

luvmy3babes 2096 days ago

One word for the both of ya....YUM! And be careful, stay safe and watch out for one another! Im countin down the minutes till its on!

BluValkyrie 2096 days ago

Just what I needed to wake up to this morning; Nick, looking all GQ or Men's Health and Aaron....being Aaron :)

MelissaJDaniels 2096 days ago

disregard the previous comment... I knew that! where was my head at? anyone find it...lemmeno

shan70 2096 days ago

Be careful gentlemen