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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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1875 days ago


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EmmaRundell 1873 days ago

I'm Well seeing them tomorrow! So excited!

Traynor_ 1873 days ago

beautiful... :D great show!

obliviatedear 1874 days ago

perfect *-* Brazil wants Green Day

Carlalalaa 1874 days ago

Yaay! This has made my night :)
Saw them last Saturday, they were amazing!

gail2308 1874 days ago

I saw then on the 19th in Glasgow and we are off to Manchester tomorrow. The best live band on the planet...forget U2..Green Day blow them away...

samdee42 1874 days ago

I saw them too on Monday - fan-f**king-tastic! Took my two boys 7 & 13, ditto about ruining future gigs for them - 1st thing I said to them on the way out! Never see anything to top that!

Cait_Alex 1874 days ago

SEEING THEM TOMORROW, even though i have pheumonia haha

EverLong_Laura 1874 days ago

Saw them on the 19th in Glasgow, amazing!!! The best gig I've been to in ages. Nearly peed my pants when they played Going To Pasalacqua. Hope they tour here again soon. Maybe even make it up to Aberdeen like the Foo and MCR did.

hlawley112 1874 days ago

Saw them on the 23rd! So amazing!

alamodo 1874 days ago

Took my 10 year old Green Day fan to his first gig in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago - they were absolutely brilliant and have probably ruined any other gigs he goes to till he's 20, as he'll expect them all to be this good!!!

karlashevlin 1874 days ago

Ahhh they are the best band ever!!! Saw then on the 21st in Dublin it was the best concert I was ever at!! Billie Joe is so sweet and I love his blonde hair ;-) they put on such an amazing show, hope they play slane next year xxxxx

andyba11 1874 days ago

Great Band, took 2 daughters and youngest son to see them wednesday night, they were very entertaining.

MissCptSparrow 1875 days ago

ahh! I love them boys. saw them last wednesday. Best live show ever!

89murmur 1875 days ago

Awesome! What a brilliant live band. Saw them 3 times this year...every gig was great!

killtherock 1875 days ago

Love them =D absolutely amazing live like

Kim_just_Kim 1875 days ago

...and that just helped decide to stay in with a bottle of wine in front of the telly tomorrow night :D Rock n roll.

Lozzington 1875 days ago

Gaaaaaah, look at Jason being all wonderful and windswept. Billie Joe is officially TINY in this pic. And in RL, but still.

PhotoMadKitten 1875 days ago

Sweet :)

H4LL13 1875 days ago

Love them.

McNutty4eva 1875 days ago

Great shot. Great lighting