Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2462 days ago


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raymster_k 2369 days ago

that shirt from metropark, zak?

SPacheco8141982 2396 days ago

hmmmmm i see nick aaron zak the constintinos and yeaaaaaahhhhh those are the ones i reconize

kidzhottopics 2397 days ago


Chibiko999 2437 days ago

that was an amazing episode, everyone did so well.

nick_lover478 2446 days ago

live babey

ZBForeverx3 2447 days ago

Ah, Zak. You and your poses. X3

tamatheturtle 2450 days ago

why is nick SO DAMN CUTE?! & zak=HOTNESS & aaron..iLOVEYOU. it was AMAZING!

Carly_DM 2450 days ago

zak, you got some balls of steel, be dammed if i'ld run around a haunted place yelling at spirits...!!

Carly_DM 2450 days ago

zak, you definatly have balls of steel, i doubt i could even stand in my own house with lights of antagonising anything, let alone a haunted place!!

lizabethty 2451 days ago

Awesome show !!where do u buy your clothes I want to shop for my husbands birthday?!

Sweet1o1 2452 days ago

Amazing show! Loved it!

tripplenonnahs 2452 days ago

lololol.i like this photo very much

lego_mego 2452 days ago

fo sho

StaticRhythm 2456 days ago

you guys never cease to inspire me. Zak you're definitely a badass. The live even ruled! I can't stop talking about all of the activity you guys caught on tape.

I definitely wish i could run into you dudes out here in Vegas!

lucygirlaz 2458 days ago

NICE!!!!!!! The show was GREAT!!!!!!

Carrie_Klein 2459 days ago

Everyone worked so well together! It was like a well-oiled machine. Nice job, guys!!

daggee 2459 days ago

that was best show ever u guys rock love u guys

angelofthenite1 2459 days ago

it was the best one yet! can't wait til the new season!

purebloodfanpir 2459 days ago

that was the best 7 Hours ever!!! I love u guys

JLMadridFederer 2460 days ago

You guys are all brave souls.