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1759 days ago


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Jody_at_home 1758 days ago

My AF Academy son was hoping for a snow day today!

jmlandt 1759 days ago

I hope this means great skiing this year!

mzmartipants 1759 days ago

err...the weather we do... instead of Denver's. No snow as of yet.

mzmartipants 1759 days ago

lol, a few times a year I feel lucky to have the weather in Wisconsin.

IronDan1857 1759 days ago

HURM. Must be all that global.....oh never mind. ^_^ Thanks for the photo.

AileenMarkowsky 1759 days ago

How gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

stevepicray 1759 days ago

I hope you took this before you started driving!

NumbuhOne 1759 days ago

where's the bear?

caldodge 1759 days ago

We live in Lakewood, and I think we got a little more than you did.

csmatteson 1759 days ago

Don't hit the trees!

wbfjdotdude 1759 days ago

Awesome picture Michelle.

Sonsgirl 1759 days ago

Glad I'm in KY. Looks beautiful though!!