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I'm at the haunted hay ride off malibu canyon this should be scary I'll let you know

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2401 days ago

I'm at the haunted hay ride off malibu canyon this should be scary I'll let you know


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LarryRossdale 2077 days ago

Wow, looks pretty scary. If you're ever in the PA area, you should go to Active Acres Haunted Farm. Check out their website http://www.activeacreshauntedfarm.com/ for more information. It's definitely a can't miss.

CrystalJoy13 2400 days ago

haunted i mean! haha

CrystalJoy13 2400 days ago

halloween is my favorite holiday!!! I would love to go on something like this!! Besides, it's always more fun with a partner ;) I'm goin to a hunted shack and warehouse tomorrow, and already went to a ship this year! Love it!!

GottaLoveHFive0 2400 days ago

holy sh** thats scary

marghi_marina 2400 days ago

scaryyyy....hahahaha kisses ans greetings from LIMA-PERU!!!!

sarahbeans 2400 days ago

Now that looks scary you would not catch me in there. But have fun anyways Aaron. Love ya.

RubyC152 2400 days ago

oh no Aaron don't go there they'll get you!

natalie_nickova 2400 days ago

Ho-ho!!! Aaron, take me with you! I wanna be scared!!!)))

Nephyr 2401 days ago

Wow! Looks cool! Perfect for a Hall-O-week!!! Love the evil eye-like lights!

marieanto1nette 2401 days ago

yes Michigan has tons of haunted attractions, we have a magazine called the fear finder theres so many. check it out.

Valeria_Grado 2401 days ago

uuuuhy it´s scary.... juaz, juaz, juaz.... happy halloween...

anaroh 2401 days ago


L_A_baby_ 2401 days ago

WOW!!!! It's scary

pamela_cateyes 2401 days ago

Ooooo So was it scary like you thought it would be? I havent been to a haunted house in years... they always seemed to disappoint me. What are you doing this weekend for Halloween? Any big plans?!!

Lee_Knight 2401 days ago

well - was it scary??

JenCathryne 2401 days ago

Oh! Can I come with? That looks like fun!

patholeme 2401 days ago

Sweet ! OMG ! u should come to michigan with nick we have more then ten hunted houses there is even a hunted farm have fun ! : ) xoxo

CarlahBsb 2401 days ago

that looks like a lot of fun?!?! mmm we would both have fum if we were in that dark together trust me jajaja

kennethchrislee 2401 days ago

The thought of you screaming like a girl, whether legit or not, makes me laugh quite hard. (:

CutiePam1D 2401 days ago

Have Fun...!!!!!! I'd loveee that where I live celebrates Halloween.. But it's not our culture here..! :S