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We sing because we can't speak anymore.

Look what chick-fil-a sent me!!! I love it!!

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2598 days ago

Look what chick-fil-a sent me!!! I love it!!


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amandaadair10 2072 days ago

darn. i wish my name rhymed with chicken. This picture is super cute!

inthegiggleloop 2580 days ago

Aww, that's so cute.

GMatthews418 2581 days ago

oh chick-fil-a is soooo good i miss it

8BitBrit 2589 days ago

I am terrified of the chic-fil-a cow --but i must admit this is pretty awesome!

supes414 2589 days ago

cool! Put it on the roof of your car for maximum effect!

Twilightseven 2595 days ago

thats great! lol

ashleync29 2595 days ago

Cute but it bothers me immensly that they spelled her name like that.

thigy 2596 days ago

Please be careful.Chick-fil-a contains MSG=migraine city. Found out the hard way. Love you

zoe1324 2597 days ago

Oh, I want a cow... Lucky, they send you stuffed animals all I get is burnt chicken. :)

sugar4586 2597 days ago

AHHHHH! Chick-fil-a, can I have one?! :D
*smiles* Kristin, you are absolutely amazing! I don't think I could love you any more if I tried. :D

caligrl_63 2597 days ago

Toooo friggin' cute :-)

gailinabox 2597 days ago

aww that's so cute! :)
(you should come to Scotland soon.. that'd be very good :D )

JohanLjungqvist 2597 days ago

Did you get a dog?! ;-)

JohanLjungqvist 2597 days ago

Did you get a dog? ;-)

RobinsonKim 2597 days ago

and for those of us in L.A. with no chick-fil-a in sight for 30 miles...that is just mean :)

JeansandBeads 2597 days ago

Sic 'em, Maddie, and save Mommy from the big cow! Then go get a shake. Mmmmmmmmmm

witchcitylee 2597 days ago

Who do you have to know at Chik-Fil-A to get one of those?! Love yr doggie!

cmedders 2597 days ago

omg i love it!!

chenofanjen16 2597 days ago



friendhamster 2597 days ago

Oh holy shit that's adorable.