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Ares I-X booster recovery. Photo by Manny Deleon. #Ares I-X

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2299 days ago

Ares I-X booster recovery. Photo by Manny Deleon. #Ares I-X


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ATKOutreach 2198 days ago

Yes, those lines are from the parachutes. 3 parachutes stabilize the booster from its tumble and slow it down. It makes a vertical landing and is later positioned horizontally and towed back to KSC.

genejm29 2299 days ago

What still amazes me is that the only thing they had to worry about on the first flight of a new rocket design was the weather. Incredible!!

alienquest 2299 days ago

Check out the UFO in the background on the right! Awesome.

Tyrim 2299 days ago


dpone2 2299 days ago

nice toning

jscotti 2299 days ago

Great to see that things worked flawlessly end to end! Beautiful launch today. All we need is bold aggressive funding and we'll be back to the Moon before you know it.

_gizmo_ 2299 days ago

It doesn't look very big!

KrisLudington 2299 days ago

Fascinating. Thank you for posting this. Do you have any shots of how it's loaded and hauled?

BobbyDWeather 2299 days ago

How far offshore from KSC is this?

gr0n 2299 days ago

All of the SRBs float like this, I believe from air that is trapped inside of the spent casing. Yes, I'm pretty sure those are lines from the parachutes.

Menzo2003 2299 days ago

very cool

ViperHockey_22 2299 days ago

It sits upright in the water like this???

feparkerjr 2299 days ago

what are all the lines coming out of it, the parachute?

kurtismarsh 2299 days ago

Love when a plan comes together