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2068 days ago


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dMb_Ashley 1623 days ago

Very nice!

missmelon 2045 days ago


Amybtru4DMB 2046 days ago

That is Dave's nose and I think with his lips pushed out like that they could really look fuller. IMO

WC_4_Fonz 2046 days ago

id like to kiss those lips....

tangerinequeen 2047 days ago

even if you had taken it when you were clean shaven n composed later it is not your kisser. you are many things but full lipped you are not.

YouShine 2048 days ago

I agree with Jes! That is NOT your lips! I'm guessing....Stefan??? Not you though, no way NO HOW!

lucky2bjes 2051 days ago

that's not yur kiss no way no how. had you planned on exposing the poser & forgot?

nanopal 2055 days ago


eatmypussy 2056 days ago

sending lots of kisses your way handsome.

mom2mack 2056 days ago

How come the lips and chin in the middle have no facial hair but the cheeks on the side do? Did you shave between pics?!! Or is there a lip imposter????

RecentlySpooned 2057 days ago

i thank you for a cross eyed kiss.

filmtress 2066 days ago

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vagirl2 2066 days ago


Long_May_I_Run 2067 days ago

David by Matisse

dmbfan41 2067 days ago


shellybelli 2068 days ago

The tag for this photo is oh so clever. Clever, clever, clever.

dontburntheday 2068 days ago

oh hello there :) pretty mouth.

tombutwin 2068 days ago

alright, I'm impressed...and not just because you're Dave.

genias 2068 days ago

LOL...what a treasure you are...How lucky are we that you Twit with us?
Insuperable ! Add to're sexy..oh, Lucky lucky my my

Marmalade_Skies 2068 days ago

man I want some of whatever it is your on tonight.. lol