Project Lead for AdventureQuest Worlds, baker, and generally silly person. READ THE DESIGN NOTES!

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KarpousiAE 2288 days ago


Gabriel041 2292 days ago

Nice Cook Cysero... but u can put SMS AC's Method for Brazil again ?


Alan685 2292 days ago

: Hey cys, can you put SMS upgrade method for Panama?

kinzvlle 2293 days ago

onsted of candy this year that what you handing out i comming to your house

AQWsJames 2293 days ago

nice cysero i see ur a good cook xD

AQWsJames 2293 days ago

nice cysero i see ur a good cook xD

AQWUser 2293 days ago

what that orange stuff :OO

Malkoir 2293 days ago

O_O! I want some now... Looks delicious, so sad twitter cannot give me any D=

Kenichi_Wong 2293 days ago

Is that left over dough in the corner there? Yummmmmmmmms, I love the dough. Pwease? I'll send my homemade cookies! Apparently they come out perfectly every time.

Slashuur 2293 days ago

LOL awesome - I want to eat them... curse twitpic! >_

Poptartman234 2293 days ago

cool... what is it again?
i want some of whatever that is!

Sam_Wicks 2293 days ago

:O would that be my post that freaked you out?

LunariaPriestes 2293 days ago srry, last post sorta freaked me out. kewl.

Sam_Wicks 2293 days ago

Nice one, keep this up and we'll have to start calling you "dragonfable's mad baker" Lol!

GermainGM 2293 days ago

I wonder what they taste like....

x1x2x3x_AE 2293 days ago

mmmmm, tasty... =] *yum yum*

Lady_Adella 2293 days ago

Nom-noms! Lookin good....*drools, then looks up and smiles, wiping the drool off her chin*

Eonaleth 2293 days ago

Looks great as always, Cy. Are the designs made of something sweet?

Arkeyus_FTG 2293 days ago

MMMMMMMM oragano loaves /drools

SirValor666 2293 days ago