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2467 days ago


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HSsai 2358 days ago

poor doggy =/

TheFirstLink 2391 days ago

that poor, poor dog

AQWsJames 2466 days ago

COOOOOOL i WANNA do that with my DOG >.

Kryssaa 2466 days ago

epic win.

GermainGM 2467 days ago

Its pretty scary... but very creative!

x1x2x3x_AE 2467 days ago

WOW! is an undead dog!!! thats creative =]

HayIVampi 2467 days ago

Wow, that's definitely creative :P

KovuDesign 2467 days ago

rofl, you should so open your door and leave the screen up.. little kids would walk home from school and your dog would be barking "ZOMG HELL HOUND!!!"

deathscytex 2467 days ago

Did the skeleton dog make it out all in one peice after the competion?

Zaner459 2467 days ago

... phaedra dressed in makeup to look like skelepoodle + motorscooter would = major epicness, this pwns too tho XD

CyanAsif 2467 days ago

Wow that's epic!

Zherei 2467 days ago

OMG so freakin' epic win! Totally awesome! Hahahaha.

NalokAE 2467 days ago


dystopiandino 2467 days ago

Want to cuddles.

Sam_Wicks 2467 days ago

Dunn Dunn DUUNNN!! OMG it's!

GriefAE 2467 days ago

that poor, poor thing. ;-;

AQWUser 2467 days ago

you going to keep it like that, that must have been hard :D

Eonaleth 2467 days ago

Wow, that's epic. Great work on coloring your dog :).

Irradicable 2467 days ago

O~o ...How?

Starbright_z 2467 days ago

Who's in the background? :o And cute poodle Saffy! :D