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2340 days ago


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bbalm 2163 days ago

Piece yourself back together and tell us who is being reflected in your eye here ;)

TessolaMatza 2262 days ago

Dave nice art photos. You have a very good eye, or actually two, and they are appear to be bulging out of your head.

DrMickeyWitte 2290 days ago

happy birthday to picasso-faced dave! ;)

onesweetworld4 2318 days ago

inbred? lol

artbyskym 2319 days ago

Ha Ha This pic reminds me of the ones in Pearl Jam's Lost Dogs -very cool!

Amybtru4DMB 2321 days ago

Turn that frown upside down..
Scruff looks good tho!

cherrypie2 2339 days ago

Why the frowny face?

DMBSUNNYLARUE 2339 days ago

aawww sad face!!

jennysmooth 2339 days ago

what you are.. is a puzzle to me.

vicswanson 2339 days ago

I like the scruff!

lacey927 2339 days ago

you make for an attractive mosaic

carafotes 2339 days ago

whatever...i'm sick.

carafotes 2339 days ago

i meant 'how'd' not how's.

carafotes 2339 days ago

how's you get your nose to do that? weird.

carafotes 2339 days ago

just kidding!

thewebdood 2339 days ago

This would be cool to animate. Pick a song, do like twelve takes. Cut each video into "panes". SMPTE Sync the mouth pane to the song. Randomly flip the other panes across one of the 8 segments. I think it would look cool as shit, Dave.

mamakass 2340 days ago

reminds me of the central park concert EVER. hope the music is flowing! :)

jeanderby 2340 days ago

i think i've seen someone like this walking around downtown before...haha

steffjane 2340 days ago

sexy mouth!

NAKEDdmblauren 2340 days ago

love the eyes.