Taylor Lautner


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1770 days ago


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Tea_TL 1660 days ago

Awwww...look at his cheeks..:))
To good to be true..:*

maddawg0007 1692 days ago

i'm with her please twitter me !

melissa_503 1715 days ago

omg i love you your so fucking hottt pzzzzzzz twitter me

vjdeea 1724 days ago

you're so cute :x:X:x

akmal_abdullah 1737 days ago

i think Taylor's look sooo beautiful and charming from the other 2 gurls...

jackieCMH 1740 days ago

you all look soo beautiful,
especially you Taylor, you are gorgeous! :)

karo_mileyteam 1746 days ago

y0u look so cutie:)

RezzySuperDude 1750 days ago

aww lukii peepsz maann wud diie for a pik with him ! ily Taylor (Jacob haha )

oliviariot 1752 days ago

love the pic. but dude...... are you blushing or u partied and you got hot?

alinecherrie12 1757 days ago

I Love Taylor Lautner!!

fuckyearthpics 1757 days ago

cheeks are too red=) you soooooo cute..love you honey

shameneh 1758 days ago

keke looks nice :)

lauramaceiras 1760 days ago

I love you Taylor (LL)

anatajes 1760 days ago

Taylor you are my life!! Taylor Swift and you are my idols!! But i don't love you for your body,i love you because you are my actor favourite!!! THE BEST! Taylor,a future day i see you! :D:D please..follow me ..:))

kmap111 1765 days ago

beautiful company you're keeping. you guys look awesome!!!

mykeks 1766 days ago

very very nice

shirleyviviana 1767 days ago


LornaBarakat 1768 days ago


thais_estrella 1768 days ago

lucky girls!!!taylor u r so hot and cute at the same time!!

GozdeKorkman92 1768 days ago

Very nice picture .)