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For those wanting to see my [awesome] pumpkin

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1801 days ago

For those wanting to see my [awesome] pumpkin


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sufyan14 1799 days ago


iloveraiinydays 1799 days ago

that pumpkins pretty sick dude :]
ive never carved a pumpkin before, but i bet its hard

pantfreeland 1800 days ago

resemble its papa :P

sophiafoutsitzi 1800 days ago

hahah that's a pretty sick pumpkin (:

geeLeuterio 1801 days ago

know what? That *is* pretty awesome.

hichristen 1801 days ago

you make the most adorable pumpkins (;

tropang_kaps 1801 days ago

..cool, i never knew how to do those...

kmo20092 1801 days ago

Great bone structure..

xroglam 1801 days ago


widdy_ 1801 days ago

the skull is amazing \o/

thesongwithin 1801 days ago

you really do got some awesome skills at pumpking carving :D

AndieePandaa 1801 days ago

no way u did that?...
cazy kool

luckas_ss 1801 days ago

AMAZING,here we don't have that ._.

cjmasserant 1801 days ago

I'll carve mine soon and we'll compare. Then we'll see who's pretty damn skilled. ;)

BetaniaFranco 1801 days ago

Wow! That's awesome! Good job!

rafablack 1801 days ago

you could be a good boy and teach us to do that! lol

thegabysays 1801 days ago


camillavdiniz 1801 days ago

That's a very good one, i'm impressed!

Bzorzan 1801 days ago


rafablack 1801 days ago

ooooooh, amazing!