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iviART 2668 days ago

there's something wrong with your eye...

amoredemusica 2822 days ago

Nice nose to be thinking about farts and smells from animals wouldn't you prefer sweet perfume of love?

amoredemusica 2822 days ago

Are you still scruffy? You stole me away. I'm here why aren't you out here?

Amybtru4DMB 2878 days ago

You should come to my house and I will cook you some yummy chicken and dumplings from scratch. Warm you right up. Love ya!

sydneywild 2892 days ago

its all about food & love enjoy the monments Here's a big giant ----for you from me

doulakk 2896 days ago

hee-hee-hee-haw-haw-haw, hee - haw...

DMBSUNNYLARUE 2897 days ago


marley1964 2897 days ago

Dave,can tune my guitar anytime!! I love your scruffy look!! Have a fantastic weekend,Dave!! XOXOX,Lesla

dmt213 2897 days ago

very picasso...

chilinatlbch 2897 days ago

I like the scruff-I've been missing your beard from the winn dixie days makes me wanna watch that movie again

NAKEDdmblauren 2897 days ago

i'm a fan of your eyebrows.

palehound 2897 days ago

don't shave

RecentlySpooned 2897 days ago


filmtress 2897 days ago

Dave, take one of the guys the guys in the studio. Don't let'em see you though.

ricaj54 2897 days ago

i like this one

SuzanneMonroe 2897 days ago

creative u r.

hippieness 2897 days ago

nothin better then a good quickie =)

lucky2bjes 2897 days ago

the lips are my favorite. yep

kbk33 2897 days ago

This one doesn't do you any justice. You should show off the hotness once in awhile. Mmmmmm.

DavesJoyfulGirl 2897 days ago

Multifaceted face, and still very hot!