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Close up of Gravelyn's face.

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2294 days ago

Close up of Gravelyn's face.


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HSsai 2172 days ago

i understand the body but cant seem to understand the face =/

AQWUser 2292 days ago

btw did you poke out one of her eyes? xD

AQWUser 2292 days ago

it kind of messy up there, but its still cool and detailed

ANAneychik 2293 days ago

You will probably win this competition.

KarpousiAE 2293 days ago

lol, it looks like shes quinting. anyho its a wesome tastic pumpkin and you should be very proud!

RajinRaven 2293 days ago

Now that I look even closer I can see Gravelyn's face ... woah words Phail to describe my reaction but all I can say is ... Awesome!

AQWmedal 2293 days ago

really nice job if dat was done by a player id put $20 on u winning

Greyz2 2294 days ago

:O Over all, it's AWESOME, but the edges of the caving makes it loom like it's on low quality, though the actual drawing is SWEET!

FirehawkAE 2294 days ago

Extremely cool. I wish I could carve pumpkins like that but I never carved one in my life.........

GermainGM 2294 days ago

Its the one in the Homepage, before we invade Maximillian's Tower.

Avgg_AQW 2294 days ago

O_o I can't even tell its her.

Megacool50_AE 2294 days ago

O_O kewl

Ropun_TSD 2294 days ago

Cool :D

kinzvlle 2294 days ago

i want you to win

SPratra 2294 days ago

Lady of talents, 10 out 10! Couldnt do better!