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3 Worf Moon

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1880 days ago

3 Worf Moon


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fubbleskag 1601 days ago

cough up the high-res of this so we can make our own shirts!

NerdRage42 1601 days ago

I will make this shirt happen if whomever the creator is will allow me to! Speak up!!!

KyleeLane 1601 days ago

I need this RIGHT now. *cries*

disasterpiece73 1870 days ago

That's totally awesome! You know what would be cool? Seeing Michael Dorn wearing that shirt.

DinoIgnacio 1876 days ago

I don't know how long it will take till Zazzle takes it down... grab while you can. http://icanhaz.com/3worf

Harumi7 1876 days ago

get outta my head!

gutterverse 1877 days ago

This might be the best thing I've seen all day.

treelobsters 1878 days ago

Wish I'd thought of this.

Dr_Robuttnik 1878 days ago

Wait seriously though. How do I get this shirt?