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So here's my outfit for G-A-Y. Rubber dress with hundreds of Swarovsky crystals on my skin... It took 3 hours!

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1734 days ago

So here's my outfit for G-A-Y. Rubber dress with hundreds of Swarovsky crystals on my skin... It took 3 hours!


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CaRoLiNAnGeL 1630 days ago

OMG! Is AMAZING!! Really love it! x x

claralouiise 1708 days ago

Omg look absolutly gorgeous! ... Bet it cost a bomb

jamesdunford28 1725 days ago

Wow wee that looks very impressive!! Certainly brings out the sparkle in you ;-)

terryhx 1731 days ago

3 hrs of fussing over you KJ only in my dreams x

ugievale 1732 days ago

Very Beautiful - its 'fitting' (took 3hrs to put on - sorry ) but its a good change for you Katherine.

Anna_Healy 1732 days ago

thats amazing! i would be scared to move! lol, gorgeous x

Anant_b 1732 days ago

Ahh !! if i was you i would buy 100thousand more and stick it every where..no hassle to dress up every day !just brush it up and you are on the move..... what you say ??

safeplace1066 1732 days ago

Question: What was used to fix to skin? & How much did the crystals cost? It certainly was eye catching.

gary6602 1732 days ago

u r gawjus hun xxxxxxx love the album xxxxxx

lisajfoxy 1732 days ago

Ooooooooh this is beautiful :) x

carole_c09 1733 days ago

WOW ~ Absolutely stunning but funky at the same time. I think the idea mentioned by Rosaann52 ref having them placed on a body stocking type background is def worth thinking about (O:

macaroniii 1733 days ago

Wow!!! I dont think i would ever have the patience to do that! I just watched your interveiw with piers morgam.Well done. Must have been tough but you did really well xxx

Rosaann52 1733 days ago

May be you could have these crystals put on a body stocking so you could recreate the look easliy.

lonelyangel01 1733 days ago

I love that look, it's different, and i'll bet looked amazing under the spotlights! If you have all those crystals in a jar, and want to use them, for something, why not bling up your phone, and make saaaay, maybe a belt, or handbag or something like that

marla246 1733 days ago

wow! you were great in piers morgan last night!
you look amazing :)

EmilyJBird 1734 days ago

wow thats cool :-)

PANAMALEECH 1734 days ago

That looks very sparkly, gliter barbie,great interveiw last night, you are a treasure!!!

PJofficial 1734 days ago

Wow thats amazing, how long did it take to take off

PAK1 1734 days ago

That's incredible! Can't believe u sat still for that long!!

icon07 1734 days ago

Lovely as usual