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Esteban, Jay Cutler n Greg Olsen

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2135 days ago

Esteban, Jay Cutler n Greg Olsen


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megandoscuatro 2123 days ago

awww 3 of my faves :)

COmountains83 2124 days ago

Chunky? That's pretty daring. I guess I'm not sure what you're seeing.. Anyhow, rough game but last Sunday made up for it. The three are just beautiful gentlemen! And... the Bears are the best.

keek_dasneak 2124 days ago

Jay looks a lil chunky.. not his best picture regarless GOOOO BEARS!!

QBThiago10 2130 days ago

Cutler looks like a Fat Business Man!

eyeless1118 2133 days ago

jay is a great quaterback

eyeless1118 2133 days ago

jay cutler is a great quarterback

mousey_6 2133 days ago

pretty cool of ochocinco to hang out with jay and greg! Really shows that u are not only a great wr but a very cool person to!

thebearssuck 2134 days ago

may be next year I can't believe smith hasn't gone after offense line men to protect Jay they also need a CB SS and another wide receiver come on Bengals put an ass whipping on the bears D Wake up coach !

barcode79 2134 days ago

Peace to you too Mr. Johnson.

millerxxx 2134 days ago

Damn! Why is Jay so frikken hott!!?? Yum

attcas 2134 days ago

The Bears suck especially Jay!

jpritch_ 2134 days ago

to below... I would! haha Jay n Greg

jar7384 2135 days ago

love it!

jar7384 2135 days ago

love it!

514Bengalsfan 2135 days ago

DAMN! if it wasnt for jay making millions a year no girl would wake up in the morning beside that face... CHILD PLEASE

jlokeins 2135 days ago

ugh greg olsen is so hot!!!!! all about the U baby :)

BOPCharlie 2135 days ago

Make sure he doesn't shoot himself before the game. Ya Know? Things happen in this league. We might need him next year.

djdfault 2135 days ago

two out of the three are gonna have a HUGE day sunday!! Come one CHICAGO!! Jay fire up your O line please

rummy78 2135 days ago

Yes. Teammates next season? Please?

inkedup84 2135 days ago

come on son! i think come FA time you need to dip to the chi. we'd love to have you.