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Me and Ellen! Watch me get "down" with her during my performance on Monday 26th oct!

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2647 days ago

Me and Ellen! Watch me get "down" with her during my performance on Monday 26th oct!


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MandyLovJaySean 2512 days ago


detti96 2567 days ago

soo cute photo!!!

LoveableLeetah 2575 days ago

Brilliant Jay!
U two got such lovely smiles, woww i wished i was there tho, mannn I missed out on a good show!

Rucanta 2579 days ago

A cute one!!!

Jhootisean 2579 days ago

AWWW are you on your toes for the pic? Or are you standing on a stool ? HAHAHAHa

sylar00 2597 days ago

o_o he met ellen? augh! i love her!

mslalagurl 2608 days ago

Ellen is one of the most hilarious women! Looking sooo fine, Jay =)

jwashington37 2608 days ago

she has real soul

jwashington37 2608 days ago

i luv Ellen

fudge111 2646 days ago

omg i luv ellen she is soo hilarious!!! if onli that was my arm arnd u...u luv gud jay!!!!I LUV U!!!

lovely288 2646 days ago

you guys look soo cute ...

NaviBabyy 2646 days ago

ohhmyygodd! i cannot wait! =]]]]]

nisha14334 2647 days ago

=O awwwwwww *sniff sniff* sooo cute

darlyn_d 2647 days ago

awwwww too cute!

bhargavsean 2647 days ago

eagerly to see this show ..

elanijackson 2647 days ago

your peerless abs are enough to make a lesbian wanna grab a handful. check ellen copin' a feel - fABulous.

msamplay 2647 days ago

You guys look amazing! I can't wait to watch this :) can i even watch the show in england?

venuswingsloved 2647 days ago

why are both of you SO adorable?

cutiejlb 2647 days ago


queensharin 2647 days ago

I CANNOT WAITTTTTT to watch this! If you weren't a household name before you for sure are one after Monday.