Stefan Lessard


I like grapefruit and whiskey.

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2776 days ago


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firedancergirl 2665 days ago

Check out all the anvil cases n stuff n stuff.

filmtress 2773 days ago

What the heck chord is that!? Two fingers on forth string? YOu're confusing me! I'm still quite new at this! Nice angle though.

bridgett1177 2773 days ago

shake up my bones...shake up my feet

dmbrules4ever 2774 days ago

This might just be one of my all time fave twitter (or other) pics!!! Very nice.

41bartender 2774 days ago

ahhh looks like a g note? what song is that doooo tell?

AllanGoesDMB 2774 days ago

♥ ♥ ♥ Love this picture ♥ ♥ ♥

gone2dmb 2774 days ago

It makes me so happy to know you guys are in the studio

MasterLink87 2774 days ago

Rock the six string, you animal.

bbluth 2775 days ago

Looks as if we can reach out and touch it!

marley1964 2775 days ago

Thanks for the pics!!

eastcoastmama 2775 days ago


corsina61 2775 days ago

♫ good job ♫

chilinatlbch 2775 days ago

YAYYYYY!! This makes me soooo happy!! :) A big thank you!

ReturntoLettuce 2775 days ago

sugar will?

satudmb 2775 days ago

That is quite the sweet shot, nice angle and lines.

wondrous_as_u 2775 days ago

My heart goin BOOM BOOM BOOM....:)

jennysmooth 2775 days ago

Now that's what I'm talking about!

pqdq94 2775 days ago

oh fonz......u just made my day!!!!!!!

dontburntheday 2775 days ago

stefan lessard on the bass guitar

dmbjlw 2775 days ago