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2019 days ago


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Bonivinson 2018 days ago

Love the cow...

MsBrewski 2018 days ago


ladyhgiggle 2018 days ago

awww. I think she likes you!!! looks like you're getting slimed! and boogered! ewwww.

TheBatGif 2018 days ago

Well, at least Timmy has his head back on.

okkent 2019 days ago

isn't it usually the reverse? the hominidae eating the bovinae?

OakMonster 2019 days ago

Eeep! Cannibal cow! Run, Timmy! Run!

cam_neil 2019 days ago

Oh noes!

ilsaingrid 2019 days ago

Be careful, Timmy! Cows can be vicious!