Peter Facinelli


I pretend to be other people... In real life that's called schizophrenia. If you get paid to do it its called acting.

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mrfacinellilove 2053 days ago

i can see the contact

LindaMollink122 2054 days ago

i've always wanted to know can you actually still see everything with those kind of lenses? greetzz Holland.

SassiSpeechless 2121 days ago

you're hungry, bite me please. :D i want to be a vampire - Greetings from Germany!

JBmreason2smile 2122 days ago

my friend means: i love every eye but stil have to say your soooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooool

flu0902 2128 days ago

I can see the contacts.. LOL

JennaInParaland 2130 days ago

i think i just faint. your eye is ........ wheew, hoooottttt :D

Stewacinelli 2132 days ago


MsCaseyMC 2162 days ago

wtf u need to hunt! but frist bite the shit out of me!but dont kill me.. i might need a!

DaniitzaKelly 2172 days ago


VDMsSingstar98 2172 days ago

Beautiful eyes but still you need to hunt!!... but wait its Carlisle please bite me!! LOL

fernandikaa 2172 days ago

está de lente !

saumensching 2173 days ago

I love this eyes *-*

Bere_MasenC 2173 days ago

you're hungry? ... I can be your dinner!

Dream_The_Day 2175 days ago

wow you really need to get some blood in you

FeltonGreeneFAN 2175 days ago

nice. ohw i see you wear contact lenses. ^^"

JanelleBrice 2175 days ago

New cover model for SM's The Host??

PeaceLoveOkie85 2175 days ago

Run away...he's thirsty! Oh wait....Carlisle...he can bite me :) lol

P4nicLove 2294 days ago

your eyes are beautiful :) ♥

Lalimena 2315 days ago

your eyes are beautiful ... no matter what color lenses ...

NadieGongora 2319 days ago

Can you See me??